No matter how much you love the city sometimes you just feel the need to get up and go! There are plenty of opportunities to do so, surprisingly close to home. Hiking offers a fantastic getaway from the busy city, a chance to escape into nature and get some exercise while you’re at it. And you don’t need to leave the kids home — these 7 hiking spots are perfect for children of any age, and at under 2 hours from the city, they’re  well worth the trip.

Palisades Interstate Park

Located under an hour's drive from the city, the NJ Palisades Park offers gorgeous views and scenic routes, as well as about 30 miles of trails of varying difficulty. This means there's a trail for any level of hiker, including small children. We recommend the State Line Lookout trails for their variety in terrain and difficulty. Taking the trails from the Lookout means getting views of the Hudson River and finding some hidden treasures like a tree swing that makes for awesome photo-ops, and the Women's Federation Monument. Before you go, ensure that everyone is wearing hiking shoes (not sneakers or running shoes) -- the terrain can get rocky.

Location: Alpine, NJ
Difficulty: Easy to hard
Drive time from NYC: 50 min.
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Photo: Simplyrikkles via Flickr.