No matter how much you love the city sometimes you just feel the need to get up and go! There are plenty of opportunities to do so, surprisingly close to home. Hiking offers a fantastic getaway from the busy city, a chance to escape into nature and get some exercise while you’re at it. And you don’t need to leave the kids home — these 7 hiking spots are perfect for children of any age, and at under 2 hours from the city, they’re  well worth the trip.

Anthony’s Nose

If you’d rather spend more time hiking than driving, you can look closer to home: Anthony’s Nose is a short hike up a section of the Appalachian Trail that ends with a view of the Bear Mountain Bridge and a scenic overview of the Hudson River. Be prepared for a bit of legwork, because Anthony has a pretty steep nose. The walk is relatively short distance of about three miles round trip, but it’s a mix of climbs and straight paths. The climbs are more like a staircase thanks to the rocky layout of the inclines, but they can be tough on beginners. If you still have time — and energy! — when you finish the hike, you and the kids can take a walk across the Bear Mountain Bridge, visit the small but free zoo, or ride a carousel. All make a perfect reward for your trek up the trail!

Location: Westchester County, across from Bear Mountain
Difficulty: Moderate to hard
Drive time from NYC: 1 hr 20 min
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Photo: LunchbocLarry via Flickr.