My favorite part of summer is spending weekends at the beach followed by treating myself to ice cream at the end of a hot day! It’s magical how one or two scoops of dairy awesomeness can provide so much joy to every person.  Sitting under the hot sun, I begin to daydream. Hmm.. .what flavor will I choose? Cone or cup? Sprinkles or jimmies? All of these details are a part of a process in which any adult can reconnect to their childhood while also creating memories with the children in their life. Can you eat all the ice cream before it melts? Can you lick the ice cream that has melted off your hand before it stains your shirt?

I am an avid beach visitor in the summer. Here are a few of my favorite ice cream parlors that have brought joy to my stomach over the years in pursuit of the best mint chocolate chip ice cream!

1. Eddie Confetti’s Ice Cream– Asbury Park, NJ

Along the renovated Asbury Park Boardwalk, Eddie’s Confetti Ice Cream is one of my favorite mid day treats. The Asbury Boardwalk is busier than ever with day trippers and visitors who stop to sample their dairy deliciousness!

2. Barry’s Do me a Flavor – Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, NJ

Barry’s Do Me a Flavo in Beach Haven reminds me how the key to staying great is staying the same over time. Just as Long Beach Island has preserved it’s beach life culture, Barry’s has stayed the course with high quality arctic ice cream and customer service!

3. Day’s Ice Cream – Ocean Grove, NJ

In the heart of historic Ocean Grove, Day’s Ice Cream is an ice cream parlor worth waiting in line for! Day’s has local origins in the area dating back to 1876! They now operate two locations to satisfy your cravings for ice cream just a block off the beach!

4. Springer’s Ice Cream – Stone Harbor, NJ

Located just off the main shopping area in Stone Harbor, Springer’s is a local favorite and family tradition for nearly a century! Springer’s boast over 50 flavors of fresh made ice cream, gelato, and sorbet.

5. Kohr Brother’s Frozen Custard – Bethany Beach, DE

In Bethany Beach, Kohr Brother’s is my favorite go to location. Of all my ice cream recommendations, Kohr Brother’s is the only chain that I frequent; they serve custard and not traditional ice cream. There’s something about a boardwalk and orange custard that has my appetite weak in the knees.  I think that its their blend of fresh blend of milk, cream, and eggs

6. Cold Penguin – Ocean City, MD

Located along the North Beach Boardwalk, Cold Penguin is a local favorite that provides 24 flavors of Hershey’s ice cream. Hershey ice cream is a classic ice cream experience for all to enjoy! Family owned, this ice cream destination serves its customers well and is known to stay open a bit later when demand is high!

7. Fat Boyz – Nags Head, Outer Banks, NC   

On the Outer Banks, Fat Boyz in Nags Head is my go to spot for ice cream where the ice cream is fresh, prices are low, and portions are generous. Time after time I flock there for a crab cake sandwich at lunch followed by mint chocolate chip ice cream! My uncle loves their banana splits.

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