Ahh coffee, the magic elixir that acts as your fairy godmother transforming you from exhausted, running-on-three-hours-of-sleep to super mom. The mug you choose to serve that java boost in can also put a smile on your face. Besides that adorable mug every coffee-drinking mom owns with her kids faces plastered on it, here are a few others that tell the world exactly what mom life is like.

1. Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world, but it’s also utterly exhausting (in a good way).

photo: Weestructured

2. Target: every mom’s second home.

photo: Etsy

3. You can’t wait to play tag and build a fort, as long as you can stop at the coffee maker first.

photo: Amazon

4. When you want to remind yourself (and the universe) just how awesome you are.

photo: Etsy

5. Need someone to kiss boo-boos and give piggy back rides? Just pour.

photo: Look Human

6. Super strong coffee makes a super strong mom.

photo: Amazon

7. Because eventually the coffee pot is empty.

photo: Express

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