When it comes time to start holiday shopping, parents grab their child’s wish list and head for the store. This year could be a great time to start thinking about giving your children educational toys. The market for children’s toys like these is growing, and there are tons of good options available. Parents can rest knowing their children are having fun as well as learning something with the gift ideas listed below.

1. Magnetic Numbers

Many toy brands sell buckets of colorful magnetic numbers that can be used to start learning simple math. For younger children, they can be used simply to learn how to count and remember what each number looks like. Most of these sets also come with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division signs so that older kids can practice more complicated math problems with them. Kids think it’s fun because they are playing with magnets, but they are also getting a math lesson squeezed in at the same time.

2. Turn and Tell Clock

A toy clock is great gift for younger children who are in the midst of learning to tell time. Most of them come with manipulable arms so kids can move them around and start learning how to read a clock. Some have electronic voices that will read the time as it’s moved too. This is a fun way for kids to get better at telling time.

3. Science Kits

For slightly older children who are interested in science, there are tons of kits available for doing fun and engaging science projects. Some allow kids to build rockets, grow crystals, create slime, polish rocks, make a windmill, as well as many other things. Kids have fun creating new and fun things, but they get some chemistry knowledge at the same time.

4. Telescopes

You can get your child interested in the night sky and outer space by getting them a telescope. While this may seem like an expensive gift, there are tons of telescopes on the market for kids that come at a very affordable price. Kids can set them up in the backyard and start learning about the stars. Great gifts that can go along with this are solar system sets or books about astronomy so that they can make sense of what they are seeing. These are great educational gifts for kids.

5. Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are a unique way for children to work their brains and practice their logic skills. Some wooden puzzles like soma cube come shaped in one large cube made of many smaller cubes, and involve having to correctly disassemble the cube to get something on the inside. These would be the type for older kids. Younger children enjoy ones that come on a flat surface and involve assembling the alphabet or numbers in the right order.

6. Automobile Kit

Automobile kits are a great way to engage your child’s problem-solving skills and possibly to ignite an interest in engineering. Automobile kits usually come with lots of small and large pieces that need to be assembled properly in order to make a vehicle. Many of them can actually be propelled by rubber bands or other things that come with the kit, so children get the satisfaction of actually seeing their final work be able to move through the house.

7. Learning Tablets

It’s no secret that kids are into technology these days, so getting them a learning tablet is a great way to keep their attention and also teach them new and useful things. Learning tablets come preloaded with activities so that you don’t have to worry about your kids using it for non-educational purposes. You can find different learning tablets designed for children of all ages. Most of them focus on teaching math, letters, reading skills, and several other very important things. Some get more specialized, teaching about animals, astronomy, or any number of other more specific topics.

This holiday season, consider taking advantage of some of the great educational toys on the market for your children. Just make sure you choose the suitable toys for their age so that they can stay engaged and have fun while they’re doing it.

Featured Photo Courtesy: sobima