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Let’s face it, getting to the gym 3 to 4 times a week is nothing short of a miracle for some of us. An hour workout can easily turn out into a 3 hour expedition.  Luckily, the fitness arena has expanded with the advent of on-demand technology to meet your needs. So, here is a list of easy to use, personalized workout apps. Scroll down to get some amazing deals on popular, new at-home workout apps. They are free until the trial expires, but this gives you the chancel to find the right app to meet your needs.

The music and trainers are the star of this app. It even allows for you to filter your workout by the type of genre of music you prefer. Aaptiv has it all and was recently recommended by Apple. This on-demand workout app is geared towards those who are at different levels of health and fitness. Various, enthusiastic trainers guide you through unique workouts ranging from treadmill runs to HIIT. You can also filter your workouts by the amount of time you have to dedicate to that session. Upbeat, popular music gets you pumped up as each coach guides you through structure, breathing and stamina. My favorites are the stretching, yoga and walking workouts. This is mobile app that is compatible for both Apple and Android. Grab your shoes, your kid, your water and let’s go!

Cost: Free for one month and 14.99 after subscription ends


Need a cheering section? Daily Burn has an impressive collection of workouts, including dance, high-intensity cardio and strength training, all designed and taught by professional trainers. It is available 24/7, and you can either live stream workout videos or choose from their archived collection. Daily burn is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Android and iPad. It is featured in HULU and offered as a free month trial if you use your HULU account to sign up. This makes it ideal for those that want to get a workout in your office at lunch or in the morning before the kids wake up.

Cost: First month free, $14.95 after.


Beachbody is an intermediate workout app that is done in the comfort of your home with very little to no workout equipment. The 60 Day Beachbody Challenge uses free weights, stretch bands, yoga mats and sliders. The workouts are challenging for the beginner but offer modified positions during their videos. There isn’t much music but rather open-dialogue from the trainer offering sage advice on form, challenge level and even commentary on diets. This app mimics one of those one-on-one trainer sessions with the amount of information shared. Each workout last from 30-60 minutes with some smaller sessions from the selection menu. This app is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Android and iPad.

Cost: First month free- $99 for the 12-month membership plan, $160 for the 12-month shakeology challenge pack.


This is a modern wellness program seamlessly integrates all different types of workouts into one platform. The offer a variety of videos for at home workouts that include dance, yoga and pilates. Each video is lead by a professional trainer, and experts are ready to answer any question you have. Grokker is available for Apple and Android.

Cost: First 44 days free, $14.99 a month after.


This app provides tools and trackers to help you slim down and tone up. They have 3 new programs available for the free trial: Shred, Tone and Sculpt.  All the classes are ran by Ana Victoria, the founder and famously known as a trainer. With as little as 30 minutes a day (in your home)  and meal preparation, you can have dramatic weight loss results. The app allows for personalized meal prepping menus and workouts to optimally drop the weight or sculpt your body into shape. The app is available via Apple and the Google Play store.

Cost: First week free, $25 a month after.


Fitness is challenge. This app offers LIVE and on-demand classes that range from cardio, dance & barre to pilates & yoga.  The most notable section was the pre/post-natal workout section.  Most notably, FitOn has a section for pre/post natal workout.  This app is tailored for women on the go and at different stages of their life and fitness goals, even through motherhood. FitOn is offered through both Apple and the Google Play app center.

Cost: Free first month-$14.99/month or $119.99 per year (limited time offer: $59.99 per year or $4.99 per month)


Some workout to achieve a higher spiritual level and have a deeper meditative experience.If this is you, you need to check out Yogaglo.  Their manifesto states, “To awaken the desire to live your own, true potential,” and they achieve this goal by providing a variety of yoga classes at different skill levels. Most notable are their meditation and and pilates courses. This is a wonderful addition to your daily workout by focusing on your inner strength and beauty while challenging yourself physically.

Cost: First 15 days free, $18 a month after.



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