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You probably already know how useful that Listerine can be for keeping your pearly whites clean and stink-free, especially on those mombie mornings when even brushing your teeth seems like an impossible task. Just a quick swish, and hello school drop-off! What you might not realize is that mouthwash has dozens more uses that can make life easier. Check ’em out:

Diaper Duty
No one likes emptying that diaper pail, and the stink that washes over you each time you open the lid can make it hard to wait it out till your spouse gets home. To give the pail a scented refresh simply douse a paper towel or baby wipe in Listerine and throw it in.

Wash Your Brushes
Does your toddler drop his toothbrush on the floor more often than he actually lets you brush? Soak your family’s toothbrushes in a cup of Listerine to sanitize them.

Clean The Humidifier
If you just pulled the humidifier out of the back of the closet for cold season only to discover it looks like it is filled with more gunk than your baby’s impossibly tiny nose, don’t toss it just yet. Instead give it a quick rinse with mouthwash and water to help remove mildew and calcium deposits.

Quick Sanitizer
That moment when you schedule a last second play date and realize your house is a disaster. . . every mom has been there. If baby wipes are your go-to house cleaner in a pinch, dip them in a little Listerine to sanitize as you wipe down bathroom counters and fixtures.

Toilet Smell
With kids in the house it probably seems like you need to clean your toilet every day to keep up, but who has time for that? Between cleanings, pour a little Listerine in the toilet bowl and let sit for 30 minutes before flushing down to help with odors.

No Stink Sink
Listerine also works great at getting rid of those mysterious sink odors. Pour some in the drain and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing with hot water.

If you just realized you’ve run out of deodorant as you’re racing to get out the door on time, don’t worry. Just dip a cotton ball in Listerine and dab it on your armpits it will keep you odor free until you have time for a store run.

Do those pregnancy hormones have your face more pimply than a 14-year old? Listerine is known as a quick home remedy for acne. Just dab a little on the affected spot (but avoid using too much, which can dry your skin).

Have you tried any of these, or have more to share? Tell us in the comments!