As a parent there’s a lot of pressure to maintain a neat and tidy house, but let’s face it: kids are messy and a house with kids is always in some form of disarray. In the interest of keeping it real, we asked moms to show us their biggest kid messes and they didn’t disappoint. Check out these awesome messes that will give you peace of mind.

Sweeping It Up 
When they attempt to sweep up the mess, but only make it worse.

photo: Chelsa T. via Facebook

Reorganizing The Clothes
When playing dress up involves every item of clothing you own.

photo: Nithya S. via Facebook

Every. Single. Toy.
When your kid decides to remove every single toy he has just to find one that he plays with for two seconds.

photo: Michelle B. via Facebook

The Lofty Mess
When the mess is out of sight, so you put it out of mind.

photo: Michelle V. via Facebook

Total Room Toss Up
When one corner just isn’t enough, why not go for the whole room?

photo: Rhiyaya via Facebook

Tissue Anyone?
When your toddler discovers the joy of pulling Kleenex out of the box.

photo: Sara S. via Facebook

The Tidy Mess
When your kid makes a mess, but thinks it’s clean because nothing is on the floor.

photo: Angela V. via Facebook

The Mess You Paid For
When the person who invented that toy/ craft project clearly has never met a kid.

photo: Beth D. via Facebook

What are some of your messiest moments as a parent? Share your experiences in the comments!