Home safety is the most important thing in the world. What could matter more than keeping your beloved family members safe? If you want to guarantee a household that’s secure, comfortable and smooth sailing in general, these helpful home safety features can go a long way for you.

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are two things that are 100 percent essential for proper residential safety setups. It’s important to make sure these things are correctly installed. Smoke detectors are necessary for the majority of United States homes. Carbon monoxide detectors are necessary for many of them, too. If your home is equipped with a fireplace or a connected garage, you need an efficient and dependable carbon monoxide detector on the premises.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are home safety features that can potentially save your life. If you ever experience a massive fire on your property, a good sprinkler system can help get it under control. This can be priceless.

Fire Extinguisher

Fires can be serious dangers to residential properties of all types. A sprinkler system may not be enough to take charge of a fire, either. If you want additional security, it can help immensely to have a couple fire extinguishers in your home. An extinguisher can stop fires and stop them from escalating and intensifying as well. That can in some situations mean the difference between life and death.

First-Aid Kit

First-aid kits may seem obvious, but they’re not. There are actually many American households that lack first-aid kits, surprisingly enough. If you ever experience any kind of medical emergency, you need to have a comprehensive first-aid kit on hand, zero exceptions. A good first-aid kit should consist of bandages, tweezers, gauze, antibiotic ointment and antiseptic wipes. Emergencies can occur at literally any time. Your child can trip on a big toy and severely injure himself. You can accidentally cut your finger while chopping vegetables for dinner as well.

Corded Landline Telephone

Most people aren’t exactly keen on corded telephone use these days. They often forget about these kinds of phones in general. Landlines, however, can be excellent for people who are interested in a little extra security, comfort and peace of mind. Urgent matters can pop up at any time. Emergency situations often lead to power outages and occupied cell phone towers as well. If you want to have a phone available in the event of an emergency scenario, a trusty landline can be a significant help.

Home Warranty

Home warranties can give homeowners peace of mind. That’s because they’re contracts that pay for appliance and system replacement and repair services of all varieties. If you don’t want to have to worry about the possibility of electrical system headaches, a good home warranty and a good insurance plan can help you in a big way. Remember, electrical issues can often pose serious hazards to people. A solid warranty can help you eliminate electrical troubles and therefore keep your household safe and secure all year long. In addition, be sure to search for home insurance quotes that meet the needs of your home.


Ladders can be extremely helpful in the event of pressing and time-sensitive emergency scenarios at home. If you’re unable to get to your home’s primary floor for whatever reason, the presence of a reliable emergency ladder can be highly useful to all. An emergency ladder can often keep severe injuries at bay as well.

Other Must-Have Security Features in Homes

There are so many critical home security features available to people in this day and age. If you want to feel safe and happy while at home, you need to make sure you invest in as many of them as possible. Other vital house security features include lightning rods, upgraded heating systems, security systems and deadbolt locks.

You should never take a chance on your home safety. You should never scrimp on it, either. A good residential security setup is worth all of the money in the world.


Featured Photo Courtesy: Daria Shevtsova via Pexels