We’re pretty sure that every new parent could write their own personal love letter to Target. Go to Target on any day of the week and you’re sure to find sleep-deprived moms wandering around while their newborns snooze in the cart and pregnant couples deeply contemplating the dozens of different types of pacifiers. To parents, Target is so much more than a store; it’s a second home.

Target recently released their latest Baby Catalog and we’ve poured over each page in detail and pulled out eight of our favorite baby items that we think you’ll love too.

1. Babyletto Modo 3-Drawer Changing Table & Dresser
We love this simple modern dresser that doubles as a changing table, but not just because it’s quite good looking. The cut-out drawer pulls help prevent little fingers getting pinched and this dresser can easily transition into a piece for an older child once they grow out of the changing table phase. $359.99

2. Tiddliwinks Cozy Dot 3-Piece Bedding Set in Blue
Raise your hand if you think 99% of crib bedding is pretty ugly! We agreed, until we spotted this adorable set. Polkadots are the perfect solution to the “too cute” baby bedding syndrome and this is a 3-piece set, so you can easily cross bedding off your to-buy list for baby. $79.99

3. Bananafish Lily Bedding Collection
Take a deep breath, stylish mamas. You’re going to swoon over the Lily Collection by Bananafish. This bold Damask print in bright pink is super cute and will easily carry your little girl from nursery to toddler room and beyond. Psst! They also have matching rugs and curtains available online! $18.99 – $54.99

4. The First Years Sounds for Silence Soothing Nursery Sound Machine
The name of this sound machine says it all – Sounds of Silence, which his exactly what you’ll be hearing in your house if you put one of these in your nursery. We love sound machines for helping create a sleeping routine for your baby – it’s amazing how a little white noise can drown out the UPS man banging on your front door in the middle of naptime. $24.99

5. JJ Cole Car Seat Canopy
Car seat canopies are a newer baby product on the scene and we absolutely love them. All parents know how valuable a sleeping infant is and when you’re out and about, a car seat canopy will keep her snoozing a bit longer. They’re also great for having to travel from the car to the house in rainy weather! $16.99

6. Fisher Price Swing & Seat
New parents, take a tip from us. If you ever want to take a shower again, buy one of these portable swings. This one is small, vibrates and has something for baby to stare at – the perfect recipe for keeping babies happy and parents sane. $62.99

7. Safety 1st Exchangeable Tip 3-in-1 Thermometer
One of the biggest fears of new parents is surely having to use a rectal thermometer and at that, accidentally using the wrong thermometer to get the wrong temperature from your already sick baby. This 3-in-1 thermometer is brilliant – switch easily from rectal to oral to arm thermometers to get your little one feeling better as soon as possible. $20.09

8. Munchkin Numi Gate
Finding a stylish baby gate that doesn’t cost a fortune is a bit of a challenge, which makes us love the Numi Gate even more. But don’t let its good looks fool you – the Numi is also super safe and can even be used at the top of the stairs. $129.99

Katie Kavulla, Target obsessed mother of three and creator of the Seattle parenting blog, Being5.

Photo Credit: Target.com