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Are you struggling to get your kids to eat veggies? Playing with the textures and the shapes is a wonderful opportunity to pick the curiosity and the interest of your child.

1. Experiment with Textures. It’s always a good idea to start by mixing a new veggie in a soup. Soups are the easiest way to sneak in a new flavor and give the kids some time to get used to it. Some kids will prefer mashed food for more texture. Both options allow you to mix any new veggie with other ingredients or seasonings that your kids already love.

2. Experiment with Shapes. When your child is ready to try a new veggie, you can serve it raw and play with shapes. Try them whole, sliced, shaved, diced, or in sticks. Some accessories will make it even easier and fun to get creative by making fun shapes: Try a special-shaped food cutter or a crinkle cutter available in the kitchen section of most home stores. These fun accessories are also a great way to involve the kids in the preparation and get them more likely to eat! Choose a dip like hummus or cream cheese, and you’re all set. Even if your child already likes veggies, it’s good for them to vary the way you prepare and serve that food. It will prevent them from getting bored and will train them to embrace variety in their food choices.

Here are 8 easy ways to serve one same veggie to your children while introducing them to variety!

8 ways to serve a vegetable

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