When Colleen Chulis’ daughter asked her if she could make a video imitating the busy mom of three while working at home, she had no idea how spot on the 8-year-old would be.

Adelle Chulis quickly got down to business at the family’s home office, multi-tasking as only a mom can. Between the non-stop typing and the finger snapping, this video hits close to home!

It’s hard to choose which resonates with moms most: the imminent Zoom call, the crazy dog or the constant sitting down and standing up. We’ve all been working at home a little too long!

Chulis shares with Red Tricycle, “I am so happy that this post gave so many people a smile or a chuckle – This last year has been a challenging one in so many ways, but there are silver linings everywhere. Working parents are doing the very best that they can – and our kids are certainly watching, learning and in this case, getting famous from us!”

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Courtesy of Colleen Chulis



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