Imagine walking on the beach and finding a message in a bottle. It starts out like a movie — a lingering walk, a washed up bottle and…poof, magic! Well, maybe not magic. When Linda Humphries and her family found a message in a bottle they certainly weren’t expecting what happened next. Check out what they found when they pulled the paper out.

The paper inside of the bottle read, “Hello My name is Miranda Dawn Moss. I am 8 years old. I am in third grade at Foster Park Union, S.C….I came to Edisto Beach for a weekend…” Humphries thought that this would be the perfect project for her teenage daughter. In her mind, the teen could write back to this little girl. Super-fun!

But, wait. The story might not go the way you think it will. At least, it didn’t for the Humphries family. When they looked at the date, they saw that the note had been written in 1988. The family started researching Miranda Dawn Moss, and eventually found three phone numbers. But, they had no luck with the numbers and were kind of stumped.

Oh, the story doesn’t end there. One of Humphries’ friends messaged her a screenshot of Miranda Dawn Moss Chavez’s (her married name) Facebook page. After contacting the now-37-year-old, Miranda responded.

The little girl who wrote the note in the bottle is now a mom to three boys. So what does she think about the recent find? According to Humphries, Miranda thinks it’s, “super cool.”

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