Sophia Spencer is one bug-loving little girl. The now-8-year-old fell for the wide world of bugs when she was only a toddler. At age 2, Sophia visited the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory. That’s where a butterfly landed on her, changing her life forever. Sophia started reading about bugs, researching them and even keeping more than a few. But when her mom, Nicole Spencer, wrote a letter to the Entomological Society of Canada last year, things got even more interesting!

Kids can be cruel. Sophia’s classmates weren’t exactly sweet about the little girl’s love of bugs. After being bullied, her mom decided to do something about it. Afraid that her daughter would give up on something that she truly enjoyed, Nicole decided to call in some professional help.

Not only did the Entomological Society of Canada respond to the mom’s letter, but they tweeted it out — asking for support for Sophia.

Using the hashtag #BugsR4Girls, the Entomological Society got the attention of scientists from around the globe. And they didn’t just tweet their well-wishes. They also offered to send her books that they’ve written and much, much more. Morgan Jackson, an entomology Ph.D. candidate, asked Sophia to help him work on a paper that focused on how social media can improve how the sciences are represented. The paper was eventually published in the Annals of the Entomological Society of America.

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