Grandparents have plenty of wisdom and life experience to impart, but when it comes to being tech-savvy they aren’t always the best. But that won’t always stop them from trying. Despite a clear language barrier between one grandma and her new Google Home, she keeps trying to give it commands and the results are hilarious.

As PEOPLE reports, 85-year-old grandmother, Maria Actis was gifted a Google Home Mini in her family’s Secret Santa exchange, but she didn’t exactly hit it off with the device. “My grandmother was very excited to show everyone her new gift, but she obviously needed a little help using it,” Ben Actis, Maria’s grandson, told PEOPLE. “The whole day was like that with her!”

It’s impossible not to laugh when Maria repeatedly calls the device “Goo Goo” instead of Google, but the cutest moment of all is clearly when she finally gets the device to work and she jumps up from her seat in awe and disbelief. It’s not hard to see why the adorable video has already racked up over one million views on YouTube.

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