Whether it’s your kryptonite or your mantra, Nutella is powerful stuff. Kids love it. Mom and Dad love it. It can spice up everything from a bake sale to your Family Movie Night to that holiday reunion. With magical powers like these, we thought it was only right to gather up some awesome recipes that feature Nutella in super tasty ways. Whether you’re craving cookies or a luscious breakfast, flip through our slideshow below and indulge in a little Nutella inspiration.

Crockpot Nutella Bread Pudding

We’re the first to admit that we love the simplicity of the crockpot. Throw in a fab dessert recipe and we’re all ears. This bread pudding couldn’t be easier and the result is lots of chocolatey goodness. It’s an especially great treat during the holidays…but if you want to make it on any ol’ Friday, we wouldn’t blame you.
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What’s your favorite Nutella-inspired recipe? Tell us below!

– Abigail Matsumoto