A family trip to South Africa ended up changing the life of nine-year-old Kate Gilman Williams in ways she couldn’t imagine. When she learned about the many threats that wildlife face like poaching, Williams returned home with a passion to help animals that come to harm at the hands of humans.

With the help of South African professional wildlife guide, Michelle Campbell, Williams turned her passion into a children’s book, Let’s Go On Safari. The book, which comes out May 6, encourages children all over the globe to be an advocate for wild animals.

Williams is not only making her mark with peers her own age, she’s also caught the eye of other big-name celebrities in the wildlife field. Recently, she’s come to the attention of Dr. Jane Goodall of the Goodall Institute, Angela Sheldrick of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Brian Sheth, Chairman of the Global Wildlife Conservation, The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund and even Ryan Seacrest!

When asked what the main theme she wants her readers to take away, Williams states “that saving African animals and not poaching is important––and I want to tell kids they can make a difference, too.”

You can purchase your copy of Let’s Go on Safari starting May 6 from Crickhollow Books.


––Karly Wood

All photos courtesy of PR By the Book.



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