Get ready for a tasty treat that you may have forgotten about. Walmart brought back popular 90s snack food Dunkaroos, and we’re kind of in loooove. That’s right. The big box retailer is all in with the nostalgic 90s dunkable cookie and frosting duo. So if you’ve been craving a cookie that comes with its own icing dip, or you just want to introduce your kiddos to one of your childhood faves, keep on reading.

Dunkaroos made a much too hasty exit from U.S. store shelves back in 2012. After that, to get the old school frosting fix you had to go to Canada. But sadly, the Canadian market for Dunkaroos has recently dried up. Yep, you can’t get the cookies anywhere in North America.

Enter Walmart. Their 5.5-oz. packs of Dunk ‘N Crunch (for only $2.97!) are a totally tasty version of what you remember from way back when. The sweet, sweet sugar cookies come with their own tasty little dipping pool of frosting. Oh, but the new Dunk ‘N Crunch cookie-frosting duo gets even better. It also has a rainbow of colorful sprinkles mixed in with the ooey gooey icing. Come on—cookies, frosting and sprinkles? What could be better?

What’s your favorite old school snack? Share your sweet treat memory with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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