We’ve seen our fair share of indulgent baby products (and may have even been tempted to buy a few), but this feeding spoon redefines extravagant! For $22,000, you can add a Platinum — yes, a hefty 250 grams spoon made of white gold — Spuni to your checkout cart. Hey, college savings funds are overrated anyway, right?

spuniPlatinum_Web_grande The Spuni is an ergonomically designed spoon that makes feeding birdie mouths easier, cleaner and more fun. But since this particular cutlery is made of precious metals, we’re guessing the Platinum Spuni is meant more for showing off than feeding. At least the lavish price tag includes a 3D printed (to be honest, we were expecting hand-carved) wooden collector’s box and an engraving.

Fortunately, Spuni hasn’t placed all of their eggs into the golden spoon basket quite yet. Their regular spoons for us parents who don’t have $22,000 lying around the house are non-toxic, free of phthalate, BPA, BPS and PVC, and made of the same material used for pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. They also start at an easier to swallow price of $16. spuni-real-spoon Did your jaw drop when you saw the Platinum Spuni?

— Christal Yuen