As a mother of three boys I see so many crazy moment especially with their ages being nine, seven and three years old. Life in our home is chaotic as you can imagine. I have decided that our three boys decide in a secret meeting who’s turn it will be to drive me crazy the next day. I imagine the boys being in their closet with a flashlight deciding who will create chaos and the circumstances and degree to which they will deliver their plan. I have learned that when you have a home of three boys- quietness is NOT a good thing. This must be the time that the important discussions occur. 

Each morning I try to stay in bed as late as possible because I know that once one of the boys sees my eyes open it is all going downhill from there. Late for me is 7:30 a.m. but let’s be realistic- what mom really gets to have that much time in bed right? Usually, it is the 3-year-old waiting on my bed being ever so vigilant as to when mommy wakes up. He may even do a little push and prodding to see if I am still alive hoping for any little sign that he can call his other two brothers to start the mischief for the day. When I wake and get to the kitchen it is pretty obvious which child has been chosen to do his duty as he will be the one that is not happy with this and hates that.

I homeschool my boys so breakfast isn’t where it ends for me- it’s where it begins. If the three year old is the chosen player of the day I am usually able to sit him down with a tablet and play Elmo repeatedly so that I can teach his two older brothers but then I feel pretty guilty about that. I always said that technology was to be saved for the weekend but can you blame a mom for showcasing the tablet for a little “me” moment? If the attacker of the day is one of the older brothers then I know child #1 will be almost an angel while child #2 will do EVERYTHING in his power to make life miserable. I swear I hear myself say, “Stop it!” “Why?” “Seriously?” “Don’t say that word.” and “Ugh!” ALL DAY LONG! By the way, once the first child has finsihed his mission- it is guaranteed that the next in age is to follow the next day. I have learned to see a pattern!

So a typical day for me looks like this:

7am- Wake up and get breakfast ready

8am- Clean up and get books and lesson prepared. OH! Get some sort of advertisement out for my new business which I am just starting by the way…

9am- Start teaching 

12pm- Make lunch then play time (for the boys- not me)

3pm- Finish teaching and time to get to my business

4pm- Play date (again not for me)

5pm Make dinner, eat, clean up all in about 15 minutes for me while the boys get to finish eating while making a mess which by the way- the boys now have to clean up (score!)

6pm- Boys get to play while I get some work done

7pm- Bath time

8pm- Relax time- Boys get to relax in bed with TV while I clean up the apartment only to prepare it for the next day’s mess

9pm- Bed time (again- not for me)

9:30pm- Get some more work done

11pm- Bed time for mom- Ahhhh!

I think any mom (or dad) reading this can definitely relate to what a day in the life of a parent is but honestly, aside from a few too many tantrums- I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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