photo: Eduardo Merille via Flickr

At some point every parent must face the most dreaded of all kid questions: where do babies come from? In an effort to keep you on your toes, it’s almost always sure to come at a moment when you are most unprepared to answer. Luckily, one dad has come up with a few options to help you out of this jam. Check out the hilarious video below to see what (not) to say when your tot pops the question.

How To Dad vlogger’s YouTube Channel offers parenting tips with a side of humor, and his latest video on tackling delicate kid questions is no exception. The New Zealand dad gives his take on a few of the various options at your disposal when it comes to explaining where babies come from. His patient young daughter, however, is clearly not buying his techniques, including bolting from the room, stalling with awkward laughter, acting out scenes from The Lion King, and of course the go-to, “ask your mother.”

His entertaining take on instructional parenting videos might not actually help, but it will definitely give you a good laugh to help calm your nerves.

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