Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday (it’s March 2) with an explosion of whimsical fun. Designed by Heather Equitz, this table will make you gasp, “Wow.” Hold your green eggs (and ham) envy as you flip through this photo gallery that showcases an outstanding dessert table inspired by Dr. Seuss himself .

A Quirky Dessert Spread

Designed for a client's baby shower, this dessert spread aimed to be all things Dr. Seuss. Heather poured over classic stories to get the details just right. Look how lovely the Truffula trees look as they loom over the sweets.

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This baby shower dessert spread was brought to us by Heather Equitz (the photos are hers too!). Based in Orange County, California, Heather specializes in designing parties. She uses her keen eye for detail to turn the events into magical moments for the family and camera. Check out her website for more stunning parties and spectacular designs. 

—Christal Yuen