Dear Sleepless Mom,

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, three days postpartum with a tiny human attached to your nipple. Sitting there wondering, “What the hell am I doing right now?” and “Wow, the last time I got this little sleep I was in college.”

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, co-sleeping with your baby, your dog, your husband and three toy monkeys named Boo, Eddie and Pop. Clutching the tiny bit of comforter that you’re allowed and balancing one butt cheek on and one butt cheek off the bed.

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, cuddling with your high fever, sick child, wishing you could take the fever away. The helpless feeling of knowing that sometimes all you can do is wait it out.

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, laying on a hospital bed with your 8 hour-old newborn in the NICU, worrying and waiting after the worst 36 hours of your life. Just wanting to hold your child so bad.

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, running after a giggling, screaming toddler trying to put on her pajama pants. Cursing silently at Daddy for giving her a chocolate covered pretzel right before bed.

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, worrying about the first day of daycare or preschool or kindergarten or middle school or high school or college. Is she ready? Am I ready? Have we made the right choice?

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, spending your first night away from baby. While everyone has insisted you go have fun but you’re calling to check in every few hours. Waking up like, “Wait—something’s missing.”

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, exhausted from working all day, then coming home to work all night. Wondering if there is ever a power off switch. When can I just shut down for the night and go drink a glass of wine and watch Netflix in peace?

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, wearing the same clothes for two days smelling like a baby, sweat, stale milk and spit-up factory. Dreaming of your next hot shower like it was the deluxe spa at the Biltmore Hotel.

I feel you Sleepless Mom, walking like a zombie to change the fifth newborn diaper of the night. How do they poop this much? Wait, did I change the baby or did I just put a diaper on the cat?

I feel you, Sleepless Mom, throwing up all night after everyone in the household had it and now it’s your turn. Wishing you could just cuddle up with your mom and get some TLC. Sometimes you need someone to look after you, too.

Sleepless Mom, you got this. You’re a total badass! If you think about it, you’re some sort of superhuman god-like creature going on that little sleep and still surviving the next day. You’re not just doing it once, you’re doing it night after night after night. I mean, even ER doctors get a few days break. What a baller!

Hang in there. There’s a whole crew of us Sleepless Moms out there, pouring our coffee, putting on clothes and starting a new day.

You’re not alone.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Josh Willink/Pexels