Dear precious sweet children of mine,

Here’s the deal. On a daily basis you ask me things that I can explain or physical things to do for you, i.e. “Where does our TV come from?” (Roku and the cable people) or “Where is Daddy?” (At his office, otherwise known as home plate – He’s a baseball coach remember). Then there are these…. The questions that I cannot answer nor help you do because they don’t make sense or are absolutely impossible for a human to do. Some examples of these are:

“Why can’t we make the faucet water come out pink when we brush our teeth?” I’m not Moses and can’t change that.

“Can you help me poop?” Absolutely not.

“Will you swallow this water for me?” Impossible.

“Why don’t you help me catch the pink dinosaur that lives in the backyard? His name is Dinosaur Swift!!!” Just because he’s named after a singer that you (and I) like doesn’t mean we can befriend AN INVISIBLE DINO.

“Can you let me drive the car today?” No, but one day maybe.

“Can you tape my eyes open with this duct tape I found?” No and that’s weird.

“Can I write on your blog?” If you could write more than the letters M, O, number 2 and a swiggle line – then maybe.

“Why wont you let me eat 45 skittles and a package of ketchup for dinner”. Totally gross and I plan to eat the skittles when you go to bed with a glass of wine.

So see here, sweet children of mine. There are things that your precious imagination conjures up that is absolutely hilarious, strange and downright impossible but I do love that you have a creative streak that constantly runs amuck. Often, when you ask these random questions and I look at you sorta strange, you fall out in the floor and throw a fit because my response does not justify your dreams of our new pet dinosaur or your nightly entree’ of skittles. I’m terribly sorry about that. Please know that even as you get older, there are going to be things I cannot do for you such as:

Do your homework. I can help and advise, but I cannot do. Sidenote: I also cannot complete your reading or science projects. I repeat, I CAN HELP but I CANNOT DO.

I cannot make sure you make the team. Whatever team that may be, I can’t make sure you are on it. Your father is a coach and I believe in the job and decisions that he makes. At the end of the day, working hard and putting in the time and effort will make the team for you, not mama.

I cannot protect your heart from hurt. Because, as absolutely bad as I want to – I can’t. I’ll hurt so bad for you but there are some things  in life that are just flat out gonna suck. Breakups and terrible friendship issues will happen and you’ll have me to cry on, but not prevent.

I cannot always bail you out. There will be so many times that I do, because I love you but know there will be times that I wont. That’s not because I don’t want to but because those two sturdy, little independent legs will have to learn to stand on their own occasionally and figure out a way without me. It’s a good thing to struggle sometimes (I’m not saying not all the time) because it will make strong and learn from mistakes.

At the end of the day, I love you and your strange questions and comments. I love taking a second to pause after I hear some of the things you say and think to myself, “Where the hell did that come from?”. And I will always love the sweet questions you ask that melt my heart because at this moment, when I’m wrapping up this blog, you’re asking me to hold you and that’s something this mama can ALWAYS do.

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