My Dearest Child,

I hear your laughter, see the light in your eyes, and can feel the love in your heart. I love the childlike way in which you see and love the world around you. I love the way you embrace life, always willing to dance in the sunshine or the rain, alone or in front of a crowd. As you go through life and experience the moments that knock you down and hinder your momentum forward, I hope you still remember to always dance.

The world will judge, the world will doubt, the world will criticize, the world will try to hold you back. But admist it all I hope you still remember to always dance.

I hope you know the worth of your life is not measured by how much money you make, what you drive or where you live, how much you weigh, or even the grades you get. Your worth will be measured in how you lived your life and the purpose you fulfilled in life for yourself and others. You may get a little lost along the way, and know that’s okay, just keep on dancing.

Be true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone else for somebody else. You are enough just the way you are. Those that truly love you will accept you just the way you are and learn to walk away from those that don’t. Even though your feelings will be hurt and doubt will sneak in just keep on dancing even in those moments when you’re the only one dancing.

You see, child, the one who is always willing to dance has reached a plateau of happiness I wish for you. Even if you’re the only one dancing it says you have found that happiness within yourself that we all seek.  To always dance is a freedom that says you know who you are and love who you are. You have found a peace within yourself, with the world around you, and your place in it. So my greatest wish for you is that you always dance.