photo: Amazon

The holiday season often means a flurry of deliveries left on your doorstep, or worse yet only a door tag asking for a signature before that much-needed box will get delivered. Now Amazon is looking to take the stress out of making sure your packages arrive safe and sound by letting your delivery person inside your front door.

Amazon Key is a new service from the online retail giant that makes it possible for packages to be delivered inside your home even when you aren’t there. Using an Amazon Cloud Cam, and smart lock, coupled with the Amazon Key app, you’ll be able to watch a live view from your phone as your delivery person is given access to unlock your door and drop a package off just inside. You’ll receive a kit, which comes with free professional installation of the smart lock and wireless camera.

On the day your package is due to be delivered you’ll be notified with a four-hour delivery window. As the driver pulls up, you’ll get an “Arriving Now” notification so that you can access the camera and watch the delivery. The delivery person will use a special scanner to scan your package which then notifies Amazon to unlock your door remotely. The delivery person then slips the package right inside your door and then Amazon re-locks it again. Even if you can’t watch the process live, it will be recorded and you can view it anytime after.

Amazon Key is only available for Prime members, and currently only in select cities. It is not recommended if you have pets at home that have access to your entryway. The in-home kit starts at $249.

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