Re-imagined from a classic storybook and into an interactive learning app, “Is Apatosaurus Okay? ” is a Jurassic adventure about Apatosaurus and her world. As kids discover interesting dino-facts — like what the Apatosaurus eats and how she’ll escape from a pack of unfriendly Ceratosaurus — they’ll also build their reading skills, specifically through the app’s tappable features. Pst — if you’re still calling these long-neck dinosaurs Brontosauruses, you should definitely join your little dino fiend in this read along.


Encourages Reading Skills
There are several super fun ways to enjoy this story: Kids can either read on their own, be read to or use auto-play. Apple users (sorry, Android) also get to enjoy the special feature of voice recording to customize their narration and share it with others. The storytelling happens karaoke style, where each word lights up as they are said. As kids follow along, they’ll start to recognize words and further their literacy skills. Early readers can even tap on individual words over and over to get familiar with the pronunciation.


Explore the Jurassic World
Live a day in the life of Apatosaurus as she makes her way down the stream and into forest for food. Kids will meet other dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus and even a pack of hungry Ceratosaurus. The story immersive the reader with lively background noises, making kids feel as if they are a part of this prehistoric world. Sounds do intensify during close-encounter moments (like meeting the predatory Ceratosaurus), so we recommend sitting down with the younger tots during the first read through.

Objects on each page are also tappable and comes with a voiceover to help kids learn new vocabulary. For example, even through fern plans are not mentioned in the text, kids can still tap on the plant to learn the name and discover more of the world. Swipe left and right to flip through the pages or hit the tiny arrow button in the left corner to skip to your favorite scene.



Kids and Parents Are Going to Love this App
In addition to the educational component, “Is Apatosaurus Okay?” moves at a pace suitable for readers of all ages. It’s super easy to use, and the narration is even easier to follow. The sentences are advanced enough to stimulate kids from as young as 3 to as old as 8, and with all the tappable parts, even parents might find themselves curious about certain dinosaurs. Whether you’re letting your little one read solo or patiently sitting  with them, this story truly engages its audience with equal parts suspense, discovery and thrill.

Written by Ben Nussbaum and illustrated by Trevor Reaveley, this story is a part of the Smithsonian’s Prehistoric Pals Collection. If your kiddo is a dinosaur lover looking to add dino-facts and adventure to their library, don’t forget to check out the other app-friendly stories in this series. There are more fascinating tales featuring many creatures of the past like the Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Velociraptor and more.

“Is Apatosaurus Okay?” is available for iOS and Android for an introductory price of $1.99. Head over to Oceanhouse Media for a sample audio.

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— Christal Yuen