photo: Pexels

If it seems like there are somewhere around a zillion things out there that may possibly, probably, sort of, kind of affect your fertility, you’re not wrong. From what you weigh to the kinds of cleaners you use in your home, it may seem like just about everything out there can make you either more or less likely to conceive. Well, add one more thing to the list. And what would that be? Red wine! Check out what a new study is telling us about what alcohol can do for your fertility.

Recently published in the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s journal Fertility and Sterility, this research takes a look at how alcohol intake, as a lifestyle factor, impacts antral follicle count (AFC).

So what is AFC anyway? The AFC is a measure of what your ovarian reserve is. In other words, it measures the egg supply. Researchers reviewed how drinking red wine influenced the AFC of healthy women (135 of them) ages 18 through 44.

What did the researchers find? Having less than five servings of red wine each month has a positive association with the AFC number. Yep, drinking red wine positively affects ovarian reserve.

If you’re now wondering why or how this could be, it seems like the resveratrol (which is naturally produced by some plants and can have an anti-inflammatory effect) in red wine may impact the ovaries, leading to a higher AFC.

Keep in mind, less than five drinks per months was the magic number that positively affected ovarian reserve levels. Downing bottle after bottle of wine isn’t the route to go if you’re trying to get pregnant — or really anytime.

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