photo: Nido/ Facebook

Starting a new business is never easy, but when you have small children at home it can seem downright impossible. Thanks to a new type of workspace popping up across the country, moms (and dads) who are trying to start their own business are finding it a little easier to do, simply by bringing their kids to work with them.

Taking a toddler along to a business meeting doesn’t exactly scream ideal work environment, but when your meeting spot comes with built-in childcare nothing could be better. These new co-working spaces give parents a place to get work done, take meetings, and work together with colleagues and peers, all while having their kids close by. One example, Nido, profiled in the New York Times, is a  space in Durham, N.C. that offers “two classrooms, a nap and feeding room, and an airy co-working room that fits 12, as well as a conference room, kitchen, lounge and private office. There is also an outdoor space for the children.”

While there are nearly 4,000 co-working spaces across the country according to a 2016 study by Emergent Research, Nido is a rarity and it is estimated that only 15 offer childcare services. Word is spreading though, and the expectation is that more will be added as the co-working industry continues to grow.

Do you have a working space with childcare in your area or would you like to see one? Share your own experience with co-working spaces in the comments.