These days, nursing baby takes priority over nursing a hangover. Going out on New Year’s Eve is for amateurs anyways and you’ve been around the block, high heels and all. Why not actually get some sleep, ditch the hangover, and start the new year right? One way to really kick of 2013 is to throw a family-friendly brunch party on New Year’s day for you and all the early birds you know. Your fellow parents will thank you for creating an indoor activity when everything’s closed and your kids will be happy to indulge in sweet breakfast treats. The best part? No cooking required!

Who, What, When, Where & Why
Where to start? Here’s our two cents. Invite a crowd that is a mix between play date buddies, neighborhood families and adults who love a noisy breakfast.

Keep the party an open house for three hours, so family and friends can stop by at their leisure and not stress out if a nap runs late. Depending on your family’s schedule, start as early as 8:00am or consider the brave parents who did party like it’s 1999 the night before and begin at 11:00am. You can swing more breakfast or lunch depending on the time.

Delegate the tough stuff by outsourcing dessert to guests! Whether they want to make cookies from scratch or buy muffins at the bakery is up to them. This brunch is all about easy fun for everyone.

Mini Menu
Creating a theme makes party planning easy. Since you’ll be mixing with a diverse crowd – think infants just starting solids, energetic 5 year olds and grandparents – our suggestion is to do finger-friendly foods and make-your-own meals that can easily sit on a table for hours and still taste good.

Here’s our started no-cook brunch menu. If you’re a real Martha or Ina, feel free to go nuts with the mini frittatas and such. But we’re all about making life easy for this brunch party:

  • Bagel Bar – Mini bagels from your favorite bakery or grocer with a toppings spread to suit all tastes. Think cream cheese, deli meats, tomato slices, peanut butter and hummus.
  • Waffle Bar – Load up on frozen multigrain mini waffles or set your waffle iron out with ready-to-pour batter so everyone can make their own. Skip the powdered sugar and offer maple syrup, fresh whipped cream and jam instead.
  • Yogurt Bar – Put large tubs of yogurt on ice and set it out with small paper cups for make-your-favorite yogurt cups. You can get creative here by offering lemon curd, stewed apple chunks or strawberry syrup. Or stick to the basics like granola, berries and honey.
  • Boiled Egg Bar – Ok, so the one thing to cook on this menu. It’s easy though and a good souce of protein that’s ready to peel, eat and can stay out for hours. No muss, no fuss. To jazz up your incredible edible egg, offer up some truffle salt, paprika or lemon pepper.
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Platter – Stick to the wash-and-go variety of produce that requires no prep work like blueberries, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. You can always add cheese cubes and crackers for those finicky toddler guests.

And what about dessert? Remember, we said to outsource and let the guests bring dessert! Think oatmeal breakfast bars cut into small squares, blueberry mini muffins or banana slices on top of nutella and vanilla wafers.

Sublime Libations for All
Don’t stray too far from holy trinity of breakfast drinks: Coffee, Milk and OJ. Coffee is a must-have for bleary-eyed parents. Milk can serve double duty to empty sippy cups and black coffee. Add tangerine juice to your everyday orange juice for a delicious citrus surprise. We’re also a fan of low-sodium tomato juice that you can turn into a virgin or adult bloody mary bar with pickles, horseradish and condiments!

Best of all, you can turn these drinks into adult-friendly beverages by letting your guests bring the right components: bubbly to make a citrus mimosa or vodka to spike your bloody mary.

Looking for More Inspiration?
We’ve got a ton of recipes on our site that are just perfect for this brunch party. Here are some Red Tricycle favorite recipes:

Tell us about how you’ll be spending New Year’s Day with your family in the comment section below.

Written by: Sarah Choi