Just when you thought the Mother’s Day posts had to be done, here’s yet another…

What started as a Facebook post ended in a realization…there are soooooo many mothers who have impacted my life, who have taught me how to be a mom, who have made me a better mom, really, it’s an amazing list!

The most obvious? Of course, my own momma who gave birth to me and has guided me every day since. Through good and bad, thick and thin, and everything in between and had the grace and confidence to let other mommas do the same.

There are the Katie’s of the world, not technically my momma, but a woman who loved me like one of her own and taught me about Saturday morning cartoons, pizza from a box, make-up, toilet bowl cleaner and push pops!

Mind blown!

There was my first husband’s momma who loved that hubby in a way I’d never experienced; who eventually accepted me as her daughter-in-law and loved her first (and only) grandchild more fiercely than imaginable in a way only she could. Who gave me weeks of freedom in the summer and showed me how I was a better mom when #2 and I had some periods of space.

There was my hubby’s momma who I barely had the privilege of knowing before cancer stole her away from us way too early who taught me about grace in the worst of times.

There’s our neighbor with three grown boys who loves our family nearly as much as her own who has been like a surrogate mom-in-law and provides amazing perspective about being the momma of adults.

There is Charlie’s momma, a high powered attorney raising an only child who showed me the greatest moms aren’t always those who stay at home, who showed me it truly is about quality and not quantity when it comes to being an amazing mom.

There are mommas like Little Shannon who have shown grace and humility in the face of tragedy, who have seen the saddest side of being a mom but yet still find a way to celebrate through it all.

There are those mommas who write about being a mom, who validate and challenge and push me to be better at everything I do, even when it’s not Pinterest or Facebook worthy.

And then there is my Mom Tribe – those dear women – some I’ve known forever, some for not so long – who lift me up when I’m feeling low, who always see the best in me as a mom when I can’t, who don’t hesitate to offer a helping and even when nearly impossible to do so, who slather up my kid with sunscreen when I’ve forgotten to, who give my kiddo a ride home when it’s raining, who don’t judge even when it would be easy to, who teach me lessons about being a mom every single day, who make me laugh so I don’t cry, who have that glass of wine ready when I need it most, who parent differently than I do and also have amazing kids.

Without these women, I can’t begin to imagine just how I would be the Mom, the woman, the friend that I am.

So today, I raise my glass to all of theses Mommas and say just two words…

Thank you.

I truly can’t imagine doing this mom thing without you! Truly, everything I am you have taught me to be.