Green Brooms Music Academy is holding their bi-annual $10 Lesson Day in both their South Pasadena and Santa Monica locations on Sunday, January 29th from 10am - 4pm.  Thirty minute private music lessons are only $10 each and all proceeds will benefit Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Monica. 

The academy offers a range of lessons including voice, drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, viola, cello, banjo, flute, trombone, songwriting and music theory. 

All ages and experience levels are welcome! 

 Spaces will fill up quickly, so be sure to call them at 626.808.4031 to reserve a spot!

photo: Green Brooms Music Academy

Pick up your socks! Did you brush your teeth! Stop sitting on your brother’s head! If these refrains and more are on constant repeat, you might be a nagger — but don’t bust out the mom guilt just yet. All of that nagging could actually be helping your child. A recent study says that nagging mothers raise more successful daughters. Read on to find out how turning into your mother can actually be a good thing.

In a study conducted at the University of Essex, researchers analyzed data collected from surveying 13 and 14 year old girls from 2004 to 2010. The results showed that girls whose mothers had high expectations of them (a nice way of saying nagging) had a higher chance of attending a university, having a successful career, and earning more money. They also found that nagging reduced a teenager’s likelihood of getting pregnant by 4 percent. So nag away, it’s for a good cause.

Do you  nag? Confess in the comments!