The not-so-ordinary family next door is returning to the big screen this fall and now you can enjoy a very special Addams Family Black Cherry ICEE when you see it in theaters.

There has been a slew of food related promos for the new animated Addams Family movie and the most recent one is the perfect to treat to enjoy while you’re actually watching the film. AMC theater locations across the country will be featuring a special Black Cherry ICEE in honor of the new film and you can only score it in theaters.

The jet-black colored ICEE is called a Spooky Black Cherry ICEE and, as the name implies, it’s sure to turn your tongue a very spooky color as you sip.

The Addams Family hits theaters Oct. 11, but you can already get a taste of this kooky treat at AMC locations.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Denise P. via Instagram



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