LEGO and adidas are teaming up for yet another completely cool collab. The two iconic brands brought your sneaker-loving, brick-building kiddo the AZX800 shoe in September 2020 and now LEGO and adidas are ready to launch a DOTS and NINJAGO themed line!

The LEGO DOTS and NINJAGO lines feature apparel and footwear inspired by the beloved bricks. Look for plenty of colors and creativity in the fun new for-the-kiddos collab!

According to a press release, the adidas x LEGO DOTS line has, “Playful designs will spark imagination and convey a simple message to children that it’s their world, they make the rules and can make it as vivid as they like.”

The adidas x LEGO NINJAJO collection is equally as awesome as the DOTS line. This collab collection allows kids to harness their elemental NINJAGO powers and “B Ninja.” This means “mastering ninja skills, being a good friend, confident, inclusive and true to oneself.”

The new lines feature windbreakers, T’s, dresses, shorts, tights, socks, hoodies, and (of course) shoes. Find the creative collections online at starting Mar. 4—along with plenty of other adidas and LEGO awesomeness.

Creative Club members can access the line early, starting March. 1!

—Erica Loop

Photos courtesy of adidas x LEGO



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