What’s cuter than a baby? Umm, nothing. Oh, but if you add a puppy (or even a full-grown dog), you elevate the “aww” factor infinitely. And that’s what Elizabeth Spence has done. Her pics of son Archie and dog Nora are…let’s just say, absolutely adorable. Seriously! Check them out for yourself.

When Spence adopted Nora from Funds for Furry Friends, a Brandon, Manitoba-based shelter, the now-healthy dog wasn’t in great shape. She had been rescued from a puppy mill, and was pregnant with a litter of pups. Nora was skin and bones and terrified — of everything. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at her now.

Spence writes on Facebook, “From the moment Archie was born, he and Nora had a very special bond. Archie was an exceptionally calm and laid-back baby and I think Nora responded to that.” She goes on to add, “She was always by my side while I nursed, held, changed or bathed Archie as an infant, just wanting to be near him.”

When Spence would nurse Archie he, like many babies, would fall asleep. Nora would cuddle up with the sleeping baby — always with mom’s close supervision. As Archie got older, the tradition of snuggling together for a nap continued. Spence notes, “We call Archie an animal whisperer because all of our pets gravitate towards him.”

Spence started photographing the two fairly early on, and has kept on going. Posting the pics on Facebook and Instagram, it looks like just about everyone is loving these sweet scenes. Ahh, a boy and his dog. What could be cuter?

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