Your due date has come and gone. You had your shower weeks ago, you feel like a beached whale and now you’re just playing the waiting game. For how much longer? You’re so ready to get that baby out. Now. Well, one mama-to-be was feeling that same way. Until her boss sent the baby an eviction notice. Check out the hilarious legal action that one Utah judge took!

Okay, so the notice wasn’t exactly the real deal. But it was written by a real judge. Soon-to-be mom Kaylee Bays went into labor with her third child. Like many women, she went to the hospital. Obviously. But the labor slowed down and the docs sent her home. We can all imagine the disappointment, and frustration she felt.

The still-waiting mom, who works as a judicial assistant at the Fourth District Court in Utah, went back to the daily grind the following day. When she jokingly asked her boss, Judge Lynn Davis, to send her baby an eviction notice, she got exactly that.

The hilarious notice was given to “Gretsel Connie Hansen” of Mommy Belly Lane in Womb, Utah. The judge gave the unborn baby three days to “vacate for nuisance.” And what exactly is that nuisance? The judge writes, “Mommy is uncomfortable and running out of room for you! Too much heartburn and rib kicking, and I’m sick of waddling!!!”

Apparently the baby responded well to the notice. Baby Gretsel made her grand debut less than 12 hours of issuance. And American Fork Hospital, where Bays delivered her baby, shared the notice on Facebook — giving us all a good laugh.

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