photo: NTD TV

Every mother since the dawn of indoor plumbing has faced the struggle of the mom in this hilarious video, who just wants a minute to pee in peace. Instead she is faced with a pint-sized intruder who is so unbelievably cute and polite, you might actually take her side in the bathroom battle. Check out the video below to share this mom’s adorably familiar frustration.

The Denver mom whose voice you hear in the video gently urging her daughter to close the bathroom door, told Newsflare, “My infant was napping so I figured it was my time to escape to the bathroom without an audience or the door wide open. I left my toddler in the living room occupied (so I thought). Moments later I hear her footsteps down the hall. She eagerly joins me. I try to convince her I’ll be out shortly but she just won’t take the hint. We’ve always known she was a hoot, now the whole world gets to laugh with us.”

While the inclination is to feel sorry for the mom who just can’t manage to get a minute to herself, even when nature calls, it’s impossible not to be swayed by her daughter’s cuteness. She can’t stop coming in, but her mom handles it calmly. Just when you think the coast is clear she pops right back in again to say “You’re welcome,” when her mom thanks her for closing the door, again and again.

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