photo: Facebook

Nearly every parent will face the, “can I have a pet?” question at one point or another. For one very grateful little girl, the answer she got was yes, and luckily for the rest of us the heartwarming moment was captured on film. It’s impossible not to feel your own eyes filling with tears when you watch this video of the happiest girl in the world as she meets her brand-new kitten. Grab a tissue and check out the video below.

Nine-year old Marly Frost had just come home from school when she was given an unforgettable surprise. Her mother filmed as she discovered a tiny rescue kitten waiting for her in her bedroom. She clearly can’t believe her luck as she asks in amazement, “Do we get to keep it?” It’s nearly hard to tell if she’s happy or sad as her face melts into a silent cry that swiftly morphs into hysterical tears. But it’s definitely pure joy as she repeatedly cries “Thank you mommy!” through her tears.

Be warned, once you watch this cuteness you can’t unwatch it. If you were on the fence about expanding your brood with a fur baby or two, you won’t be wondering any longer.

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