My family has had a fairly busy summer season. It started with a family 5K in June. Six weeks of daily swim lessons end this week. This has been my 16th summer as a beach mom at “The Grove,” culminating in a potluck beach party. My youngest two kids, who are in children’s summer community theatre (nine hours of weekly rehearsals), start five days of live performances tomorrow (oh yeah, I’m giving blood at a local blood drive tomorrow too). I took my eldest daughter and son-in-law to the zoo, visited an aquarium with the family, took a few of the kids to the seaside for a day in the waves, and carted one child to gymnastics twice a week. Did I mention my household, my huge vegetable garden or any actual work?

Tired yet? I am getting there, but I do always say, “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” When I call my own mom and tell her all my adventures, she is exhausted just from hearing about it all. Seriously, though, I have plans to rest this month. Maybe your mom (or you) deserves a little R&R (rest and relaxation). I highly recommend getting help around the house and with the kids. Here are 10 ways to help mom reboot, refresh and enjoy a little of summer herself before facing the craziness of fall schedules:

1.  Sleep late – If your mom is like me, she is up early and last to bed. Give her a break and let her sleep a little later than normal.

2.  Get a haircut – It is very relaxing to have someone else wash your hair and st‌yle it.

3.  Get a mani-pedi – If you can’t afford both, do just one (I vote pedicure) or have a girls’ night in and do her nails for her.

4.  Eat out – Mom deserves a night when someone else cooks, cleans and she doesn’t have to cut someone else’s food.

5.  Eat-in, but fend-for-yourself – If you can’t afford too many meals out, soup and sandwiches are an easy fix.

6.  Read a book – If mom likes to read, give her a few hours to catch up on her favorite author’s latest and greatest reads.

7.  Watch a movie – Whatever she likes, let Mom pick the movie for once!

8.  Do a chore – Chores never end, so while she’s resting, pick up a broom or a basket of laundry and become the “cleaning fairy.” Nothing says I love you like folded laundry, clean dishes and a clean bathroom!

9.  Get a sitter – Mom deserves a night out; get a sitter and arrange for her to go out and have some adult fun.

10. Leave her alone for a while – Give Mom a little time to herself. Let her sit back and relax on the porch, but not for too long.

Don’t forget to tell your mother how much you appreciate all she does for you. Thank her for all the rides to places you want to go. Thank her for your clean clothes and delicious meals. Thank her by listening when she speaks to you. Thank her by cleaning up after yourself. Thank her by helping before she asks. Most importantly, life is short and someday Mom won’t be here. Tell Mom you love her today.


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