Airplanes are usually high up on the list of things little boys love. Caiden, son of creative mama extraordinaire Suzie, is no exception. Caiden and his mom have spent many days at Santa Monica’s Observation Deck admiring the planes so when it came down to throwing her son’s second birthday party, creating an airplane-themed bash was a no brainer.

With a color scheme that stretched from green/aqua to blue/red, Caiden’s second birthday party is downright impressive, mostly due to the fact that Suzie of Project: Perfect Party created all of the details of the party herself, including the airplane topiary. Suzie likely spent what we imagine many late nights laboring over the decor, food, and activities. Take a look at Caiden’s second birthday and get inspired by Suzie’s enviable creativity.

Suzie hosted her son’s second birthday party at a recreation room at Virginia Avenue Park in Santa Monica. She tells us that Caiden started collecting toy airplanes since he was a year old and loves going to the Observation deck at the Santa Monica Airport so his birthday party was pretty much a little boy’s dream come true. And, while her son was wowed by the airplane theme, Suzie loved the fact that the party theme was non-commercial licensed, which meant it was easier on the wallet since she got to mix and match products that worked with her budget and choose her own color theme.

Below is a peek at the “Baggage Claim.” Each party guest left with a “luggage” party favor filled with homemade airplane crayons, water, snacks and airplane coloring pages.

Suzie created the airplane topiaries by hand. She gave us the scoop on how she created these awesome pieces, “I covered a smooth Styrofoam ball with lots of cotton balls then attached it to wooden dowel that was painted green and placed into a pot. The small airplanes I used were plastic favors that I painted to create a matte-finish.”

Suzie called in the reinforcements for the sweets. She credits Emilyn Chin of Love ‘Em Sweet for making the delicious cake and cupcakes. If you’re looking for some more inspiration, click here.  

While we may all look at these photos and think, we’d never be able to pull together a party  as extravagant as this second birthday, Suzie tells us it’s possible, albeit with a lot of planning. If you’re inspired by Suzie’s party she gives us some pragmatic advice for other DIY-ers:

1. Plan three months ahead. You heard right. We love the idea of creating a Pinterest board or going the old school scrap booking route to garner some ideas.

2. Use the first month to gather ideas and shop for your materials. Once you have everything get your friends and family members together to help you and have Craft nights.

3. On the big day, give yourself ample time to set up. Suzie allocated 30 minutes for prep and she said it wasn’t nearly enough time.

4. Stay organized and have fun!

All the party goers had fun painting wooden airplanes and making pilot badges. Suzie procured all of the goods for the party activities from Joann Fabric and Craft store, Micheal’s, Goodwill, Moskatels, Party City, Oriental Trading Company, and Shop Sweet Lulu.

Seriously, homemade crayons? Does this party get any cooler? Suzie tells us that this was the first time customizing crayons and while it was a cinch, admittedly the process was time consuming. Here’s how she did it:

1. You’ll need an airplane candy mold (Suzie found hers on Amazon) and several Crayola Crayon boxes to make 30 airplane crayons.

2. Use a craft knife to peel off the wrapper and melt three crayons (broken into small pieces) in recycled baby food glass jars. You can melt them in the microwave or stove top (using a double broiler or 2 pots).

3. Carefully pour the melted crayons into each cavity and chill it in the fridge for about 20 minutes. It helps to place the mold tray on a baking sheet for easy transportation.

4. Once the crayons are cooled each will easily pop-out. Use your craft knife to smooth out edges and remove excess wax. 

If you thought this party was over the top awesome, just wait until Caiden’s third birthday. Suzie tells us, “Well, my son just told me he wants to have a Buzz Lightyear/Space Ranger birthday party. I’m just hoping he doesn’t change his mind last minute because I started “pinning” party ideas.” We can’t wait to see!

To check out more from Suzie, go to her blog, Project: Perfect Party. 

What do you think of this second birthday party? Are you inspired to create an airplane themed bash for your airplane-loving kiddo? 

All photos courtesy of Leah Minium 

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