With all those sugary juices, sodas, and flavored waters on grocery store shelves, it can be hard to get your kiddos interested in healthier hydration options. Look no further than Vita Coco, the popular coconut water brand, to quench your little ones’ thirst, with their new Vita Coco Kids line of nutritious drinks. Clear some space in your fridge for these delicious drinks that your kids will crave.


We know that your kids are busy. Between soccer practice and swim lessons and summer camp, the importance of hydration can be forgotten. Vita Coco Kids, a spin off of the trendy Vita Coco coconut water products so popular with adults, provides the necessary nutrients and hydration to keep your little ones cool and replenished during these warm summer months. The Vita Coco Kids brand uses only fresh coconut water (not from concentrate), blended with natural fruit flavors for a tasty, hydrating treat for your kids. Vita Coco Kids boasts some impressive nutritional numbers as well — with about half the sugar and calories of the leading kids juice drinks, Vita Coco proves to be a healthy alternative to super sweet beverages. Even better? Vita Coco Kids contains 25% of your kids’ recommended daily amount of Vitamin C and are made with no artificial colors, flavors, sugar, or preservatives! Now that’s a drink we’d feel comfortable serving to our little ones.

The most important thing about these super healthy hydrators? The taste, of course! With three fruit flavors, Apple Island, Paradise Punch, and Very Cherry Beach, Vita Coco Kids pairs sweet coconut water with tasty tropical fruit flavors to create a delicious drink your kids will love. They’ve even decorated the functional, eco-friendly pouches (which each come with an easy-to-use straw) with an adorable Vita Coco Kids toucan, monkey, and parrot to make these beverages even more fun to drink.

Vita Coco Kids packs (containing six, 6 fl. oz pouches) are available at major retailers nationwide, like Target and online at Amazon, for $4.99. For more information, check them out online at vitacocokids.com.