It seems like everyone is jumping on the juice bandwagon these days. Maybe you’ve got a great juicer to aid you in your morning routine, but for those of us relegated to mixing with a blender or food processor know all too well the pains of having copious amounts of leftover mix. Moreover, said smoothie inevitably ends up in an unmarked container at the back of the fridge for days until we decide to throw it out.

Thanks to one thoughtful kid named Luke, parents (and kids) everywhere are rejoicing at a new way to turn that sorry smoothie into a cool treat. Luke calls his creation Zipzicles, and these little tube-shaped bags are your new best friend when it comes to making healthy, homemade frozen pops.


Making your own frozen treats is simple: just open the zip-lock top, use a funnel or baster to squeeze your mix into the tube, close, and freeze upright in a glass or mug. Voilà, now you’ve got your homespun version of popsicles, ice pops, fruit smoothies–what you fill them with is up to you. Zipzicles even posts delicious recipes on their website that will keep little tastebuds happy for awhile.

A package of 12 Zipzicles costs $2.99. While they can be recycled after just one use, BPA-free Zipzicles can also be washed and reused over and over again. Say goodbye to messy popsicle sticks and sticky freezer molds once and for all.


We’re all about monitoring the kinds of foods our kids eat, especially when it comes to excess sugar and food dyes (which many frozen pops contain). Zipzicles lets you control what goes into your child’s treats, so you don’t have to feel guilty about letting them slurp away on these healthy popsicles.

Have you tried a Zipzicle yet? What flavor did you give to your little sweets?

— Scott Wardell

photo credit: Zipzicle facebook page