For most of us, our kids’ second birthday is a big milestone — they’re past the infant stage and are beginning to make sounds (sometimes) resembling words. But for Alana’s parents, her second birthday was indeed extra memorable and special. Alana’s mama, Asha tells us that her daughter was born a little over three pounds and two entire months early so when Alana turned two years old, her entire family decided to throw a huge bash to celebrate what can only be called a miracle. Read on to learn more about Alana’s party that her mom organized and threw entirely by herself!

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Alana’s party took place at the family’s condo’s clubhouse. Knowing how busy toddlers can be, Asha tried to set up fun stations in various corners of the room, featuring a pop-up princess castle, snack-bar, mini bowling, and coloring zone. So with just a few simple touches, you can turn any space into a wonderland for your children.

Alana 2nd Birthday-1Most of the decorations at the party Asha made herself (kudos!). We asked her where she sourced her materials and Asha pointed out that most everything she used she already had in her house and what she didn’t have, she picked up from her local craft store and Target. She happily provided us with a list of goods needed to make the decorations at the party: scrapbook paper, tissue paper, stickers, packing tape, clear thread, ribbons and felt.

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The animal-ear headbands and buggy glasses were purchased from Michaels. Another wonderful resource, as well and the perfect spot to foster creativity, is Pinterest. Asha searched through several DIY theme boards for ideas and inspiration.

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Asha gave us some inside tips on where she drew inspiration. For the tissue paper fairy balls, click here, for the party hat tutorial, click here, and for the felt dot garland, click here for more info.!

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At the party, Asha provided a photo of her daughter as a baby. Asha was kind enough to share her family’s story. She tells us, “Alana was born weighing a little over three pounds, she came two months early, and our pregnancy turned frightening when I had to have an emergency c-section. She spent two months in Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, where we pretty much lived until she was able to come home. After we were discharged from the NICU, we were still riding a roller coaster. Due to her fragile state, our healthcare team advised us to go on a total germ-lock down. We were discouraged from taking her out to stores, crowded places, basically anywhere she could catch a virus. Our Neonatologist told us that when she turned two, her lung tissue would regenerate. Alana’s 2nd Birthday was not only a celebration of the miracle that she is, but also the rite of passage through a medical milestone, granting her a healthy start with fully matured lungs.”

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So, what’s in store for Alana’s party next year? Apparently Alana is already super opinionated so her mom thinks that Alana will have her own ideas and like any good mom, Asha will have to DIY all over again.

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Tell us how your family celebrated (or plans to celebrate) your kid’s second birthday? 

You can find more ideas from Alana at her blog, Only True North. And, a special thanks to Stuart, Alana’s dad, for taking the great photos!