Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Aldi is selling chocolate-flavored red wine and yes, now almost all of your fantasies have come true.

When it comes to life’s little indulgences, it doesn’t get much better than chocolate and wine. Aldi’s Chocolate Cellar’s Chocolate Red Wine is basically the perfect V-Day gift to give yourself this year.

According to Aldi’s website, you can expect “dark fruit flavors and decadent dark chocolate.” And just in case you actually want to pair it with something, Aldi suggests drinking the wine with “pastries, biscotti, fruits and desserts.”

So how much does this sweet little alcohol treat go for? Well, that depends. Prices are subject to change based on your area. Also (and sadly), availability is also dependent on where you live and where your local Aldi store is. Visit Aldi’s website for a product locator to find out if you can buy yourself this Valentine’s Day present of chocolate-y, booze-y goodness.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Terry Vlisidis via Unsplash



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