Why use a traditional nightlight, when you can have an incredible glow-in-the-dark succulent from ALDI to light up your kid’s bedroom at night?

ALDI is selling Glowing Star in the Dark succulents, which are real live succulents treated with a special coating that makes them glow in the dark. When placed in sunlight the plants absorb the light, essentially charging them so they can then glow when the lights go out.

The succulents are live plants so you need to care for them the same way you would with a regular succulent. You can keep them outdoors in warm summer months, but will need to fid a cozy indoor space when it turns cold, like a window sill in your kid’s room where it can charge and glow all night.

The Glowing Star in the Dark succulents are available at select ALDI locations for $5.99 each.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Jacco Huibers via YouTube



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