If you’re an ALDI fan, you probably know about the company’s Monthly Finds! There are some real gems this month, including a new batch of cheap houseplants, an adorable cactus LED lamp, a s’mores cookie kit and pulled pork chips!

Starting July 28, you can snag a cute little aloe vera plant for $3.99. A new batch of mini succulents will drop on August 11 for $1.99. And an adorable geometric terrarium is coming your way on August 25 for $13.99.

If you kill any plant you lay eyes on, there’s another fun decor option this month. The LED novelty lamp features a glowing saguaro cactus for $8.99. Perfect for dorm room decorating or a WFH glow up!

You’ll remember the S’more Cookie Kit we’ve covered and it’s finally available to buy on August 25! There are a lot of intriguing food finds for the upcoming month, but we’re especially interested in the Pulled Pork Kettle Chips that come out August 25. They’re krinkle cut and gluten free!

—Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of ALDI



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