Reddit co-founder and new dad, Alexis Ohanian is leading the charge on establishing routine paternity leave in the US. He recently sat down for an interview with CNN on the topic and here are some of Alexis Ohanian’s quotes about paternity leave that all parents should read.

Family Bonding

Ohanian points out that taking time off when a baby is born isn’t just beneficial to a dad bonding with their baby, it’s also an important way for parents to connect with each other. After all, having a baby is a major change to any relationship that can take some time to adjust to. “To have those moments and feel that closeness was just spectacular and there are things we have with each other that I’m grateful for. Being able to develop that connection to the little one, but then also to my partner, my wife was so valuable as well.”

Unexpected Surprises

Even with all the planning on the world there are always surprises that come with welcoming a new baby, some more challenging than others. As Ohanian illustrates, having that time off can help you deal with the unexpected. “I had every intention as co-founder and executive to lead by example and take that whole period, and I didn’t realize though just how important that would be. My wife had had a really great pregnancy but then complications during and after the birth meant she was dealing with a lot herself and I had to do everything I could to be the supportive husband and supportive father, and it really put into perspective for me how important creating this family leave policy is for men and women who want to become parents.”

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Business Benefits

It’s not just dads that benefit from parental leave. Their companies will thrive with a supportive work environment that cares for the needs of its employees. “What it’s ultimately going to mean for the organization is a way healthier, better functioning organization. I think what is lost on a lot of people is your teams are not robots, they are humans and if you really are expecting them to do great work, they need to be in a great state of mind.”

Hopefully more companies will follow Ohanian’s lead and make parental leave more accessible for both moms and dads.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

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