Your baby outgrows their clothes in record time. Instead of tossing those gently used onesies in the trash or leaving them in a long-forgotten bottom-of-the-closet box, All The Babies has another (and better!) option.

The company, founded by entrepreneur Jenny Drew Garabedian and her mom Elkin, is a European-inspired baby clothing brand—but that’s not all. Based on their model wear, grow, give, All The Babies will take what your kiddo outgrows and gift it to a baby in need.

So how does All The Babies’ model work? Simply visit the brand’s website and buy whatever you need for your own littles. After they outgrow the clothes, send the items back (free of charge) and All The Babies’ staff will hand deliver the pieces to a child who needs them.

All The Babies clothing is made from 100 percent organic cotton, using low impact dyes. Along with recycling outgrown clothing to babies in need, the company also uses its cut fabric, scraps and damaged items to create new textiles and preemie clothes.

For more information on this compassionate, caring company or to buy your kiddo a new infant ensemble, visit All The Babies website here.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: All The Babies via Instagram 


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