How to spring clean your house.




Hire someone to come give your entire house a bath. Wash every baseboard. Find every piece of dust. Wipe down every SINGLE surface. Clean all the dog hair off your toilet. 

Why is there dog hair all over my toilet? How could I possibly know!

Mom, you deserve it.

Okay now here come your excuses…

“We don’t have the money in our budget for that.”  

Well to that I say, decide what your priorities are. Give up getting coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for two weeks. Make your coffee from home and put it in a travel mug. Give up alcohol. Don’t get take out, only grocery shop.     

I regularly see this in our society as a yoga instructor. Women tell me they can’t afford to pay for the hot yoga classes I teach. But if I turned around and said, okay do you want to have girls night, get drinks, and have dinner out. They would head out and drop $50 bucks.   

Which is FINE. If that’s what makes you happy and helps you relax, you go girl!  

My point is, you have to look at the big picture of what you spend money on. What you prioritize.   

Okay! Back to cleaning your filthy Winter house.  

You deserve to have someone come scrub your household.   

For all the times you tried to go the bathroom alone and came downstairs to this…     ​    

For all the spaghetti you have washed off your wall.      

For all the milk cups you’ve found on a different day than you handed them out… gross.     

Give yourself the day off.   

Pay someone to do your spring cleaning.  

Because seriously Mom, you do enough.    

Don’t worry, I always put my money where my mouth is.   

I gave up alcohol for 3 months as my new years resolution.   

I figure why consume a depressant in the dark winter of February in New England. I’ll save my beers for the Cape Cod summer.  

So i’ve stuck with my resolution thus far. All about the wellness in 2017!   

It’s paying off too. Because I got to pay someone to take   

THIS: and make it into THIS again:   ​      

While I went to yoga class….    

Now I know most of my days will be filled with throwing away half eaten breakfast plates and scrubbing maple syrup off my chairs. That’s okay. Taking care of these beasts is exactly what I signed up for.  

But being a Mom is taking care of other human beings at maximum capacity. I don’t know why our culture insists on sending the message that as a Mom you should push yourself to the absolute breaking point of what you can take on.   

Self care is not a luxury. It’s a necessity to refill your cup. To continue on giving and caring and being kick ass moms.   

A big part of self care is knowing when to every once and a while ask for a little help.  

So for spring cleaning. Give yourself the year off. Pay someone to scrub the crap out of your house. Therefore you can kick off the good weather ahead of the game.   

Don’t worry, your kids will destroy it in no time! That we all are sure of.   

But for today, give yourself the day off.   

You deserve it Mom.                      

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