Flu Season’s Here! Be Prepared, Not ScaredSniffle-Buddies-logo-_-product-full

Winter brings with it a barrage of bugs, from simple colds, to the full-blown flu and the H1N1 variation. Here are a few tips to keep you and the kiddos healthy season beyond the biggie: washing hands.

Where to get flu shots: The US Department of Health both list resources by state, and county.

Ammunition to help fight the war on germs: Specialty products such as Sniffle Buddies, Boogie Wipes and Gotta Go Mitts may even make germ-fighting a tad easier, and more fun.

Advice from  Naturopathic Pediatricians on how to stay healthy:
Start with the basics–focus on a properly balanced diet rich in colorful vegetables to provide antioxidants. One place to start is the USDA’s Food Pyramid.

Shop with the kids for local, chemical free produce, and make a game of getting every color of the rainbow into every meal.
Consider simple diet changes, such as reducing or eliminating refined sugars and highly processed foods.

Get out and exercise regularly– enlist the kids’ help choosing a fun activity you can do together. Boosting the immune system with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics may also help ward off illness. (Check with your health care providers before starting any new vitamin or supplement.)

Now, cover your mouths when you cough, teach your kids to do the same, and stay healthy this holiday season!

–Matina Fresenius